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    Okay, I check for eggs at 10, 12, and 6. And normally theres eggs, but if Im to late, a hen that lays her egg goes all protect of, if I go near, not that she would peck my hand, but litterly rip me to peieces. I'm wondering if This is a Broody hen way of thinking, and what if I see if she'll hatch eggs if that will calm her down. or something.

    Advice would be helpful
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    Unless you want her to hatch out some eggs for you I'd suggest you get some strong gloves or try to be on time! Otherwise leave her with the egg and see what she does. My hens sometimes wouldn't let me take their eggs, but if I wait a little and go back they're off the nest and I can collect it. They seem to sometimes want to sit with their egg for a while after laying. They're not broody though, they just want to sit for a bit.
    What I also found that is very interesting is that my hens liked to go sit in a nest with an egg or 2 in when they lay. I left some rotten eggs in one or 2 of the nests to show the girls where I want them to lay and they preferred the nests with the eggs in and left the empty nests. They'd all try cram into the nests with the eggs and only use the empty nests if there really was no choice, but if a hen got up off the eggs they'd jump up and go lay there instead.

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