Pellet style bedding

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    I used that. It is more absorbent than pine shavings . In my case it eventually turned into a sawdust when the weather got warmer. I am undecided about whether or not I would put it in again or not.They did not have any wood shavings the day I bought it. I think my feed bill went down while it was in pellet form LOL. Price or supply would dictate if I were to use it again or not. It would be more effective in dealing with urine as opposed to chicken poop as the packaging depicts.
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    My area has Grange Co-Op stores rather than TSC but we have a similar product called Dry Den.
    I like it better than pine shavings personally. It will break down and look similar to course sawdust. It absorbs better than shavings. The local feed stores use regular wood stove pellets in their broody tanks, they are even cheaper but a little bigger pellets.

    I can't imagine that my girls would like them in the nest boxes, I also have openings on the lower face for cleaning out the boxes and the pellets would just roll out.

    Someone else I know uses rice hulls,, I've never tried them.

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