Pellets in poop??

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    Jun 18, 2009
    I went outside with leftovers of the kid's lunch and handfed my chickens. This is the best time to observe their health. And sure enough today one of them dropped her poop right in front of me so that I can inspect it. It had whole soggy layer pellets in it - in both the white and the brown part. The brown poop had the consistency of pudding or if I must say it 'snod'.

    WHAT'S GOING ON? She just started laying last week and I am blaming in on her digestive system. Can anybody back me up on that?

    Another one sneezed at me a couple of times and I had little drops of water on my hand. Did I mention we live in the PNW? Yeah, everything is wet and muddy. Do I have to do anything to get rid of the cold if she indeed caught one?

    Thanks for any suggestions...................
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