Pen Pal Exchange!!!


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Apr 16, 2011
Pinallas Park, Florida
So this thread is for anyone who wants a pen pal from BYC. Please PM the info listed below and I will match you to the best possible person! And everything will stay comfidential to. I will only pass on the info listed below to your intended pen pal!

Name and address
Specific area that you would like to talk to someone from?
Your age
Hobbies and interests

Anyone under the age of 18, instead of puting down your actual age please send me if you are in age group 10-13 or 14-18.

Please be nice and responsible once you recieve your pen pal info and please only PM your personal information to me and not put it out in the open.

Most important this is for FUN so everyone have fun!!!!!

ETA: Please use this thread to talk to your pen pal after you have made contact if you like. I will not give out the BYC name of everyone incase you would like to keep it strictly pen pal!
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