Pending doom or too much worrying?


May 7, 2015
I'm a newbie, and I've been crazy worried about our 5 Buff chicks dying. I check on them every couple of hours, pick the poop out of the brooder and change the water twice a day and completely empty it out twice a week. I'm more worried, I'm sure, because we opted for an organic, non-gmo/non-medicated feed, so I want to stay on top of it if something goes wrong. I check the poop for blood all the time LOL

For the past few days, one of the chicks has seemed weaker than the others when I pick it up. It doesn't fight back or try to fly away like the others. It's been sitting more than the others (on the brooder floor, like a hen sitting on her eggs), and it is also noticeably smaller (well, they are all tiny, but this one is tinier). I see it walking around with the others and sometimes pushing around with them like the others, and I'm pretty sure it's eating and drinking (if not, it's sure good at standing around with the others and pretending). I picked it up a little while ago and couldn't find any visible injuries, no pasty butt, etc. But it just sat in my hand, not even standing, as I held it.

Could it just be lazy? Or a runt? Is there such a thing? They are about 1 1/2 weeks old. I don't see any concerning poop in the brooder, but it would be helpful to know where I can get the Corrid if I need it. Would TSC carry it?

Am I just being a worry wart, or is something about to go down?
Welcome! You are being a worry wart, true, but that chick might be unwell. It's hard to tell sometimes, and often there's nothing really to be done about it. Not every chick will live, no matter what. Just continue to care for them, and enjoy the process. Mary
Thank you :)

I'm concerned that if it is sick, it will infect the rest of the chicks as well. I can only find Corid on Amazon, and it isn't in stock for another 3 days. It may be a week+ before I get it. I'm going to be afraid to wake up in the morning and look in the brooder :-( In the meantime, it's starting to smell like a pizza in there because of the garlic powder and oregano I sprinkled with the feed in hopes of a natural remedy (or at least slowing it down)! :)
I'm a worrier by nature so you are in good company. :) I also feed an organic non-medicated feed. My chicks are 4 and 5 weeks old now. I actually just started a round of corid myself, because I noticed one of my chicks had runny poop all the time, and was looking a little puffed up. I did it preemptively, and maybe it wasn't necessary, but I figured better safe than sorry. I got the corid at my local feed store, not a TSC (we do have TSC, but it isn't all that close). I am pretty positive that I've seen lots of people say that they have gotten corid at TSC though (I would just ask if you can't find it). If the other chicks are acting well, I would lean more towards it possibly being a failure to thrive issue. I myself would probably still do the corid, but try not to blame yourself if something happens to the little darling. Can you spend some time watching her tomorrow to make sure she's eating/drinking/pooping? Hoping for happy peepers in the morning for you.
I had one chick that was much smaller than the rest and was especially calm. Her name is Peanut. She caught up in size at about 7 weeks. She ended up having something wrong with her top beak. I couldn't tell it was different when she was small. She always ate and drank and ran around but she did end up having an issue. Part of her beak did not grow. She is missing like the tip of her beak but she is 13 weeks old and just as big and healthy as the others. I was so worried about her when she was so tiny I watched her very carefully just like you are. Some times you get one that's just a little off. Hopefully she will grow out of what ever her issue is. Good luck.
Thank you, all. I ordered Corid and Nutri-drench from Amazon, but hopefully won't need it. So far she seems to be ok, just smaller and spends more time sitting than the others. Today I completely cleaned out the brooder, and it was warmer outside in the sun than it was inside the house with the windows open, so we put them on the grass while I cleaned the brooder. She was pecking and walking around with the others, and usually sleeps with them and eats and drinks. My husband thinks she's just more chilled out than the others. I'm using a few natural things to keep them healthy, so hopefully that will be enough, and if it's not, I'll have the Corid just in case.

Thanks again!!

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