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    when we got new birds from another property we isolated them in their own enclosure for nearly 3 wks... we used a dog fencing set up around a car port to provide a temporary coop and run. After the second day I think we gave them wormer, that allowed them to pass the wormer through and our birds couldn't get exposed to their poo, since it was all in their temporary enclosure. After that time we allowed them out to free range at different times than our birds for a few days and then finally moved them into the regular coop with a fence divider, which has since been removed.

    It can be a pain, but I didn't want our birds infected with any critters the new birds may be carrying.
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    30 days is the standard quarantine time. It sucks, but it REALLY sucks if you lose your entire flock due to not following quarantine. Even top breeders sometimes have problem birds... Just ask Ayeupchuck about the white bresse and how much $$ she put into them because GFF sent them with a disease. :(
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    I will definitely quarantine them the right way. I will go get some of that wormer at the mill...hope they have it there. I just dusted them with DE and they seemed to love it!!! Lol
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    I thought they were on the smaller side! Actually happy though because I got 3 white leghorns coming in march from the mill and that'll be 3 more bodies to feed so ill take the bantams rather than the LF :)
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    I was at The Mill a couple of weeks ago for wormer, and they had Wazine, but that only treats the roundworms. If you want a broad spectrum wormer, I'd suggest heading to TSC in Shrewsbury.
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    Will do! Off tomorrow! Thanks! Pm sent about the mill
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    Yeah....this way the chicks don't look like Velocaraptors (sp?) stuck in a tiny box.
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    Welcome!! Indiana county here.... Outside Indiana
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    I have some birdies for sale. Including some turkeys. I was gonna get a pair of blue slate, but the toms aren't gonna get along. I am also selling my pair of Royal Palms. The blue slates are going to live at another cousins house, they don't have any turkeys.

    I have some chicks that are 6 weeks, LF Cochin, Black Australorp (2 roosters, 1 pullet), 1 Black Andalusian (rooster), Blue Mottled Cochin Bantam rooster. I also have an absolutely dorky English Orpington rooster for sale. He was hatched in September of 2012. While I am at it, I also think I am going to sell my beautiful Cochin LF Blue rooster. He is absolutely gorgeous! PM if you want more info!!!

    I think I have a goose that is a senior citizen. I think she was older when I got her. That was 10 years ago. It looks like she has cataracts and she is starting to run into walls. She doesn't want to go outside anymore either. She had a broken leg about 5 years ago, that healed, but is causing some serious pain for her in this weather. She doesn't seem very happy, no even with a bucket of water! She doesn't even want to preen. I am questioning her quality of life..................................

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