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  1. regcal966

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    We lost one of our chicks today. I was hoping it would make it but has been small and has had pasty butt. I tried everything that people suggested on BYC but it just didn't work. I have 2 more with the pasty butt, hope we don't lose those.
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    Apr 17, 2012
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    So sorry.[​IMG] Just keep wiping!
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    do you have acv in the waterer? I am curious, they dont have white or bloody poo do they?

    In the hatching 101 article in my signature, scroll to the bottom and see the homemade electrolytes recipes, I would do acv if you arent though.
  4. regcal966

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    I just started with the acv yesterday. Their poop is for the most part brown with a little white sometimes. Is the white bad?
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    Beautiful!! My favorite season to be outside, and to decorate for!![​IMG]
    I had that problem a couple of months ago. Poured poison down the tunnels, No more rat! I did keep searching the property for dead ones though, I was afraid of the chickens eating them. Also kept a watch on the tunnels, as I read that they often die in the entrances. So far so good.
    So Sorry! [​IMG]
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    If you ever wanted to know about chicken poo... here ya go! lol ( The white is good! FYI)
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  8. LeBlackbird

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    Snow!? [​IMG] Don't send it down this way!!!
  9. yelnad

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    Thanks everyone!

    Here are better pics of the 2 BOs:

    Little Orp:


    Bigger Orp: [​IMG]

    And my "not an easter egger":


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    I was driving my little one home from preschool when the sky went black and the snow started coming down like CRAZY! But now it's sunny and not a flake to be seen!

    Bummer. I had 5 that were pretty pasty (out of 22 in my second batch) and I bathed them and fed them egg yolk with sugar and water mashed up into it. It took a couple of days of sponge bath. I'm sorry you lost one. :(

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