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    Questioning this 5 week old EE's gender. Any thoughts?


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    I've dealt with Cocci numerous times, and it's never easy or fun. Each strain is just as irritating as the last! Here are the things to consider when battling Cocci~
    1, Coccidiosis is caused by an infectious protozoa, so it's a parasitic infestation, not a viral or bacterial disease. Birds develop a resistance by having the parasites.
    2, Coccidistats do not develop an immunity in birds, they simply act as a preventative and treatment. (for example, you wouldn't spray your dog to give him an immunity to fleas, you spray your dog to kill those little buggers!)
    3, Most coccidistats included in feed are at a preventative dosage, so the vast majority of medicated feeds aren't strong enough to single-handedly stop the Protozoa if your bird is suffering from a bad case of cocci. They keep the med levels low to prevent possible overdose!! Also, most medicated feeds are starter feeds, so the protein level will be pretty high. I know people do fine feeding high protein diets to older birds, but it's not always good for chickens to eat tons of protein and grow at a faster rate, so it puts me on the edge. (just imho, if they're doing fine than it's no biggie. Just the way I do things here. I drop the protein to 18% when they hit 10 weeks)
    4, If you have an outbreak, your local feed store will probably have a water soluble or liquid coccidistat to include in their water. You can adjust the dosage to your comfort instead of trusting the feed levels. The common coccidistat is Amprolium (usually under the brand corrid). When I see cocci, I'll hit them with a potent (within safety of course) dosage for 5-7 days until the birds stop showing symptoms.
    Also something to consider, especially with older biddies, bloody stool is the obvious symptom but sometimes it just doesn't show. A couple years back, I lost 5 birds with bright yellow-green stool before I could find out what the heck it was. After a quick lab autopsy, it turned out to be a strain of cocci. I was surprised, but once they were on amprolium they looks way better the very next day! I limed the crap out of the ground (changes ph level of the soil and kills everything) to get rid of that stuff for good!

    Best of luck!
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    Is it even possible to never deal with cocci,,,,thinking everyone seems to deal with it sooner or later....

    never gave it much thought but now i wonder if the high lime in our soil may be the reason that cocci is not a problem for me....i know the soil is high in lime because we do soil testing every year..not to say i never dealt with cocci, i have but it was easily controlled after realizing what it was..
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    I came home to find a tiny, fuzzy head poking out from under my Australorp "momma"! I have a Holland! The eggs given to me were laid over two days, so I am holding breath that more of my 8 eggs will hatch. I decided to give it until Sunday morning before attempting to pull out the "duds". On the other hand, my Cornish meats chicks are acting funny and I saw some bloody stool... After reading the last few days' posts, I am sick to think they might have something. And just when I thought I was getting ahead in my TO DO list. :(. We were hoping to move the Cornish outside, too. With free ranging layers, should I keep the meat chicks out of the grass (they would be in a tractor) until they have been treated?
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    I'm so sorry!!
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    They diagnosed me with fibro 2 yrs ago, but neuro swears that can't be the cause (took over a year to get in to see them) and rheum says it probably is. They're at the same ____ing facility and can review other specialists' notes....what the heck is all I wanna say. Well it's the pg version of what I wanna say....
    I would have everything written down and laid out before you meet with the bank, or at least have a few possibilities and see which they recommend. Such as number of times someone can be helped or max dollar amount, how the money would be delivered (paypal/wired/etc.), if it goes to the BYC member or directly to the vet/biller, if the person would need to pay part or all of it back over time, if it would be income based etc. The BIGGEST thing I would check about is if it is possible to require multiple signatures before payment is sent, safeguards you or whoever admins it from possible accusations/liability. The other thing you could do is call some other charities and see what banks/CUs they work with and what they require/request.

    After you get info from banks (usually credit unions are better, because they are more connected to other CUs then banks are to other banks, unless you can find a bank that's state/nation wide), I would contact the admins of BYC and see if they want to be involved (or put it to a vote among members), and make it nationwide or member wide, or if they want nothing to do with it.

    Sorry if I repeated anything you already had planned, but I hope this helped. I just know there's a lot involved and it can be a pain. The account that was set up for my sister required both my parents to sign and was only for medical bills and costs for them to stay with her (while she was alive, Idk what happened after she passed, it wasn't any of my business).
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    Gavin's largest fish from tonight. At times, the lil bugger was catching fish so fast I couldn't get my line back out before he had another on the hook. He had so much fun and was so happy. This was also his first time holding his catch on his own for a pic.
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    16 out of 17 buttons!!!
    Look how tiny, see the marbles!!! ach du gut in Himmel! eye eye


    no there is no water in the sponge dish : ) they wont drown ; )

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    Cocci is one thing I have no issues dealing with. I spot it and treat it ASAP and I don't loose any birds unless they hide the bloody poo and symptoms from me really well (I did have 2 birds do that to me). I don't allow my birds to free range anymore, so if they get cocci now, it's because of bad care on my behalf. I haven't had a cocci breakout in a year since stopping the free ranging.
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    y patches all wrapped up so she can STOP standing on that leg.Shes all mad at me now and bites me. She can't hide her face in the corner anymore. Horse leg wrap came in HANDY with wraping her up!

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