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Apr 17, 2012
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It’s been an interesting day with animals. Bottom line with the coop, Steven jumped into the big coop, and immediately danced for the girls. :lol: I cannot let him stay indefinitely, but I think I’ll let him stay in there until it’s time to make soup.


Aug 27, 2018
Southern Chester County, PA
Great news! Hero is steadily recovering from his illness. With the warmish weather today, it seemed time to take him out for a monitored visit. I set up the quarantine pen a little too close to the run apparently, because he hadn’t been out a minute before he started a solid cockfight with my Easter Egger Danny...through the fence!! Both of them ended up with bloody combs and had a little good exercise, but otherwise were fine and had a great time. I pulled the pen back away from the run, and Hero had a lovely afternoon of fresh air, fresh grass, and fresh gossip with the very happy hens. When I brought him inside at sunset, he was tired and happy, and spent about 3 hours on my lap watching TV, alternating between snoozing and munching popcorn. :love His poops are drying out, much less diarrhea, they are much less violently green, and although his crop is still a little squishy, he is breathing and crowing normally. Thank God my boy is getting better!!:wee💖


Nov 3, 2015
South Eastern Pennsylvania
Hello all,
Looking for anyone knowledgeable about living on a 3-5 acres or more, relatively inexpensively near south eastern PA.
We really love the area near chaddsford, brandy wine valley, and Coatesville.
This is all assuming my husband will be working for the same company, but we’d like much more space, less noise, neighbors less close, off grid not 100% necessary.
Price is the main issue... of course.
Thanks! 🤗
I am in Kennett Square, about 2 miles from Longwood Gardens. Kennett has a lot of nice land still, but it is getting developed up rapidly. Of the three areas that you mentioned, Coatesville will probably be the least pricey.Oxford might also be worth a look .
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