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    Hi all! I dont post much here since having to sell the chickens but I do enjoy just reading all the different topics and learning so much, for maybe that one day when I can get more chickens. I also enjoy voting for the various things to help people out on this forum.
    As I was scanning craigslist today I came across this ad which really jumped out at me.
    If this is the wrong spot please do move it. Anyway a rescue group/humane soceity has recently been reaching out for help and hasnt been able to find much due to the area they are in. I do not live there but it isnt too far from me. They are in the running for a $50,000 dollar grant from the Pepsi refresh project, currently they are ranked 46 but if they can get enough votes to get in the top 10 they will get a grant. It does take a couple minutes to put in your info to register but if you do have the time they would be very appreciative for the help.
    Here is the link to their story and way to register
    Thank you and God Bless [​IMG]

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