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  1. So I put the Perch in the brooder from day 1, they didn't pay attention to it, then a week went by and their wind feathers are coming in... well pretty already fully grown into their wing feathers, and now the tail feathers are just starting, so what they would do is jump around and chase each other. then one would jump and try to land on the Perch, I don't know if they try to land on it or if they want to get away from her sister! but they would try to jump up there but can't make it!

    Now my brooder is a Guinea Pig Cage so it has a plastic bottom, with a cage that fits around it (pic below) But I can't really adjust the hight of the perch because of the bars and stuff. Now in the picture below the perches are on a slant, Now I have the perches going all the way across the cage so its flats and not on an angle! Will they learn how to get up there in a couple of days or What should I do?

  2. hwerner

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    Not to worry, they will learn. One will eventually try it out, and before you know it, they will all be on it. If your really concerned about it, just put one on it and see what the others do. The one you put on it will likely jump off immediately, but will get the hang of it. Your brooder is just like the one I normally use, so I know they will get on it with time. They just have to figure it out, and decide what it's for.
  3. Ok thank you, I shall put one on it and see what they do from there! Thanks
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    i just put my perch in there a 1-2 days later i found them sleeping on it!

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