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Sep 4, 2013
Portsmouth uk
My 2 Orpingtons 22 weeks old do not use the perch to roost in the coop at night, they cuddle up and sleep in the nesting boxes, now the white leghorn is joining them so I have taken the perch out....its quite tight in there with two large fowl and a normal size chicken if they are not using the perch to roost. Because they are big girls and getting bigger by the day do they need a bigger perch? After all they have bigger feet!! Does it matter if they don't roost?? winter is coming and they will be spending more time in the coop, they go to bed very early my late night clubbing for them!! I want them to be comfortable.
The perch or roost needs to be higher than the nest boxes because they like to sleep in the highest spot. Larger birds like orps do indeed need a fairly wide roost, like the wide side of a 2x4 or a good thick branch, as chickens' feet do not curl around a small pole the way most birds' do. Actually I know of one really large Orp type bird who would only sleep on a shelf; even a 3x4 wasn't wide enough.

You don't want them sleeping in nests because they will poop in them, too, and you will get poopy eggs. You may even have to close off the nests at night for a while til they learn to sleep on a roost. There is really no reason for them not to sleep on the floor -- except they are likely to move from it into a nest.

I would put another, wider perch back in.

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