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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by rebbetzin, Nov 2, 2008.

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    Friday evening, I was in my "office/computer/craft room. Rick was practicing some songs that he wanted to sing at Havdallah. We both heard water begin to run. He thought I was running a bath, I thought he was in the kitchen, we have a wireless mic, so I thought he was running water for some reason in the kitchen and singing. An odd thing to do but... He could have been rinsing out a glass or something, but then the water seemed to be running a long time, maybe 3 to 4 minutes. I went to see what he was doing singing and running water. (maybe doing dishes?)

    But, there he was in front of the stereo system, he was sitting in his chair singing... uh, oh... I turned and then I saw the bathroom floor was an inch or two deep in water and coming up into the hall carpeting!!
    [​IMG] YIKES!!

    Of course the handle on the valve was completely stuck, I had to run quick and turn off the water at the main valve, on the front of the house obscured by the ivy on the front of the house! Not easy to find in the dark since we had the porch light off since it was Halloween night! Thankfully I knew about where the valve was and found it pretty quickly, got the water off. Came back to Rick trying to figure out what the heck was spraying water all over the place. (the little hose that goes up to the tank sprung a leak, it is plastic, but has been on there at least 25 years now. I got out a couple of towels to try to stop the water from going into the carpet.

    I went to get my carpet machine, (which is a glorified shop vac in reality) It too is ancient, but Bissel made a good product that year! Rick was the one that cleaned up all the water. I think for him it was a fun science experiment to see which nozzle worked best, and what angle he needed to hold it to make the water go up in the hose better. It took a good 45 minutes for him to get all the water up off the bathroom floor!!

    What a great start to the Shabbat![​IMG]
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    Whew! The sound of running water always freaks me out. Now instead of ignoring it, I yell for DH!

    I was gonna ask what Havdala was, but "Shabat" answered the question, sort of.
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    Quote:Havdallah is the service at the end of the Shabbat. We are told to "observe" the Shabbat, so... at the very least that means to make a distinction as to when it begins and when it ends.

    In fact the word "havdallah" means "distinction"

    We as a communtity have a gathering with a small ceremony of traditional prayers and songs, then we hang out until the wee hours.

    This week was a Karaoke week!! And "Fru Fru" drinks with little unbrellas in them... The son of our host was at one time a bartender, so... We had a great time..

    The more you drink, the better I sound! [​IMG]

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