Perfect timing?

When they are feathered out, can regulate their body temps, out door temperatures are above freezing. In most climates right now they need a closed in, draft free brooder with a heat lamp.

My chicks are raised in my kitchen in a pack n play for 6 -8 weeks. Longer if temps warrant it. Then out to the bard with a heat lamp slowly tapering to as need to ward of cold nights.

How old are your chicks and what breed are they?
My chicks are 5 weeks old. Ameracaunas and RIR's. We live near the coast, so our climate is very mild. Our lows are mid to upper 40s and highs between 60 and 70. They seem to be getting really crowded and I don't have any ideas for anything intermediate. I didn't expect to have this many (13). I got extras per the advice of others but haven't lost anyone.
13 of them, temps are a bit chilly, but can you run a heat lamp to the coop for a week or two as they get used to the coop? As long as it's not drafty, they can snuggle up near a heat lamp and be just fine. Time to acclimate them to outdoor temps.
Our temps are the same as yours, and I have been letting my 3 week olds out in the pen during the day, but before dusk, they are back inside and under a heat lamp.
This allows them to get some exercise, safe from the curious baby, it cuts down on the cleaning I have to do.

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