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  1. SarniaTricia

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    I did a search and last info seems to be a couple of years old.....
    I am in Canada and considering ordering my spring chicks from them.
    I am about a 6-7 hour drive from Performance Poultry.

    Has anyone ordered from them?
    Will they do a baker's dozen day olds mixed batch of breeds?
    Will the chicklettes survive a trip this long?
    Do they charge extra for shipping?
    I emailed, but I imagine this is a down time for them, so they have not emailed back.

    I am fairly new to the chicken keeping and my youngest have been 6 weeks old.
    Any info on these guys would be great.
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  2. Ducks and Banny hens

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    Nov 22, 2011
    On a little Farm.
    Nobody I've talked to (or myself) have had good forutne with their birds. Their birds are rather good SQ, but are generally very weak, and lack hardiness.

    And Black Cayugas aren't supposed to have full bibs...

    No, they have a 4 chick per breed per variety minimum.
    Yeah, I think they charge for shipping.
    Chicks should survive the trip. Most chicks are pretty tough for things like shipping.
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  3. SarniaTricia

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    I did get something back from them and they will not ship to me. (may be the time of the year?)
    Also, I would have order 5 of each breed.

    I think I will need to be patient and get chicklettes from the local breeder (Americuna) and feed store (bared rock and leg horns).
    I'll leave the polish and silkies for another year.

    I wouldn't want chicken math to get the best of me and outgrow my coop again next winter.

    Happy New Year
  4. Ducks and Banny hens

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    Nov 22, 2011
    On a little Farm.
    Quote:5 now, eh? Last year it was 4...
  5. SarniaTricia

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    Hello Patricia, There is a minimum order of 5 birds per breed.Orders will have to be picked up. Jason Cain Performance [email protected] On 2011-12-29, at 1:26 PM,

    I will look into more breeds later.
    I didn't want to expand too fast and have a whole bunch of old birds at one time.
    I also don't want to raise too many young birds at one time and not give each the right amount of attention.

    slow and steady, that's the goal.
    (chicken math doesn't work that way thought!)

    Happy New Year
  6. sager:)silkies

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    Oct 1, 2011
    i just put my order in for perfoumance poultry cant wait
  7. Beour3rd

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    Aug 20, 2013
    Performance Poultry - i bought from them this year, i will never do so again. if you want to know more send me messages, i'll not write slander in posts.

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