Performing Chicken Surgery tonight! Advice?!?! I'm scared!! {Pics}


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Hi guys, you can read more about my little olive egger here.

It has now been 2 weeks since the infected growth appeared, she's been on Duramycin since then and the poor girl isn't getting any better, and actually took a turn for the worse this weekend. The infected area just seems to be getting bigger and isn't draining at all.

I feel like if I don't do something, she has no hope.

I've gathered up some supplies:
straight razor blade
sterile packing materials
gauze to wrap wound
saline solution

And am preparing to cut in to the infected area tonight, in hopes that I'll get down to the infection and be able to squeeze it out and get things draining. Does anybody have any advice for a terrified chicken mama? I'm so scared I'm going to cut and she's going to bleed to death or something. AHHHH!

Pictures of the infected area:



Shaking in my boots in NC....
Looks like she has an abscess. When you slice it open don't be squeamish. A quick, sure slice is easier on her than multiple tiny slices to get to the core. I am wondering if Duramycin is the most appropriate antibiotic to be using on her. I, myself, would be using Procaine G injectable. It can be picked up in any agriculture store in the fridge. You can probably pick up syringes at the same time. You shouldn't need to pack the wound. Just flush it out thoroughly with the saline after cutting out the core. You may need to repeat the flushes for a few days after the surgery to get any remnants of pus out. Keep the wound moist for the first couple days to prevent the opening from healing over too quickly because if it does the abscess will re-form down the line. Keep some flour or corn starch on hand to control excess bleeding.

Do you have someone to help you do this? Wrapping her in a towel will be helpful to keep her immobilized.

I hope things go smoothly. Good luck.
It looks like you have everything you need. Just remember to hold her firmly when you do it. You may not want to wrap it though. In my opinion I would put the neosporin on and leave it to the air. Good luck! The first time you do it is the worst.
Thank you SO much! I'm going to pick up the Procaine G at lunch and hurry home to give her a first dose before I work on it tonight. What would be the dosage?

I was questioning the effectiveness of the Duramycin, thank you for another suggestion.

I'll have my DH giving me a hand, but he's pretty squeamish. So far, she's been great about holding still for me as I've done a little digging and cleaning. Ugg, I hate this part of chicken-keeping, but sometimes it's necessary. Thanks again for the advice.
You will be fine... you will breath and do what is needed. We have all had our "first" times.

Best of luck and keep us informed.

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Pen G- 1/2 cc for 3-5 days for wound infections. Inject it into the meatiest part of the breast, alternating sides each day.

Make sure you follow-up the penicillin with a course of probiotics to re-stock the gut bugs. A couple tablespoons of yogurt each day and some organic ACV in the water for 2 weeks will provide enough bugs to keep the body balance in check.

A helpful link. See post #5.

Keep us posted.

ETA- The dosage may vary from between 1/4 and 1/2 cc depending on the type of Pen G you get and the size of your bird. It is not easy to overdose a bird with penicillin, so I wouldn't worry too much. If the dosing on your vial is 30,000 units/mL then 1/2 cc is appropriate. If the dosing is 300,000units/mL then 1/4 cc is appropriate. If your bird is larger then I would take that into consideration when dosing her.
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Thank you, thank you!! Just reading your responses helped to calm me down. I know I can do it, I'm just terrified of hurting her. I ran home at lunch and gave her the first dose of Pen G. I'll let you guys know how it goes tonight. Just hoping I can get this little girl to pull through.


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