Perhaps Helen is Troy?

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  1. Kneiley1

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    Jul 5, 2014
    So the saga continues. After the disaster of kids leaving coop open, we have gotten quite attached to the one survivor. "She" got quite attached to the baby chicks we brought home the same day after the original 3 were killed. "She" is now 12 weeks and the 3 new chicks 6 weeks. This week to our surprise Helen started crowing!!! After closer inspection by young fellow we bought from, he has determined from pictures that Helen is a roo with 80-90% accuracy.

    I have so many questions now! Helen is soooo gentle. Helen lets the kids pet all the time. Helen sits with us, in my hand. The chicks are very attached to her as Helen took them to wing so early, less than two weeks old. Will this disposition change drastically?

    We only have 3 chicks, (a flock of 4) is that enough to satisfy a Rhode Island reds "needs"? Do I have to seperate them ay times?

    So, I live in downtown raleigh, not too packed together but a neighborhood. I don't think there is an ordinance. I will have to have this checked out

    Can bring "helen" back up to 20 weeks.

    Lastly, truth be told, I am very attached to Helen!

    I need advice!!!
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    You need advice....we need pics, please! [​IMG]
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    Aug 29, 2012
    There really isnt any way to tell, once the hormones kick in they can stay sweet or turn mean. We went from a cute little thing that loved to sit on the kids laps and eat out of their hands to a rooster with one mission in life, to attack that same kid. He would even throw himself at her through the wire. Some stay sweet, some dont, only time will tell.

    My rooster had only 4 girls and at the time we got rid of him none seemed to be suffering at all as he was a good rooster in that respect. Some can be quite violent to the girls though and again only time will tell.
  4. Kneiley1

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    Jul 5, 2014
    Can't seem to figure out how to add pics to post. I added to my page I think...
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    Jul 24, 2014
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    Helen does look a bit more like a Troy to me. And Raleigh allows roosters, so you're okay there. I have one roo and three girls and all seem happy and healthy but I know many would recommend a few more girls per roo. There are roos that are very gentle and assist in chick raising, hopefully yours is and will continue to be one of those.

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