Perhaps we can come up with a chicken illness handbook ....

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    Just thought with all the members here, and all the problems seen, that if we all combined pics of our birds while ill or such that it could make a pretty good Illness brochure or booklet. It is often hard to find good examples of illnesses else where. Maybe if anyone with a diagnosed illness could contribute the pics and findings...???????? [​IMG]
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    Quote:nnbreeder would be a good guy to check with concerning this.
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    Nice thought, truly but someone already beat you to it. It's called "The Chicken Health Handbook" by Gail Damerow.

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    I think this would be a GREAT idea, even if it has been done before. I wonder if we could get a printed version AND an online version. I know that, for myself, I can't always get online, so a printed version would be TERRIFIC!! I'm going to keep my eye on this to see what we come up with.
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    You know what I would like to see? A reference with lots of good color pictures of healthy & unhealthy birds, & disease pics, not just one grainy black & white thumbnail that doesn't give you enough to judge your own problem against. Like, how about a section on pox showing different areas/combs, severity, etc?
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    All this allready exists on the message board here (where I have given links from my library and others have contributed links and photos) >yes it does need to be sorted out/ > per illness or category of illness but many many many things/symptoms/even photo illustrations look the same show the same symptoms, so one must be very careful in attempting to simplify (overlooking or misdiagnosing because one thinks one has the "answer")
    Gail Damerow is a writer and most of her info comes straight out of the MSU articles...

    There are excellent online manuals (with photos to illustrate) > I have them (kindof) categorized and sorted at my library (some of the forums were being targeted by spammers and so I had to reconfigure those to where you can only get access if you login > sorry but only way to fix the problem so be sure to login if you wish to use the library > link in my sig below)

    My personal view is that it is very important and technically/legally and principally recquired to list the source of the info > none of us here on this forum are vets or poultry PHDs as those who wrote these articles and manuals are. It is important for those needing the information to understand and see the difference between a laymans experienced advice and a vets.

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