Permanent marker for coturnix quail eggs?


13 Years
Dec 15, 2007
I just got 30 jumbo brown, and 20 A&M eggs. They are kinda dark and I'd have a hard time seeing the mark with pencil to turn them. Is permanent marker ok? I've googled and can't get a straight answer. Also how long will it take for them to hatch? I can't get a straight answer on that subject either.
I have never tried sharpie but I would think that the fumes would be slightly dangerous to the growing embryo. A few times I've seen this mentioned, and some people have tried it and said it was okay, so you can try it if you want. I'm sure it's not healthy for the chick, but I'm sure it won't kill them either.
Incubation is about 17-19 days
Yes, try to make pencil work. As stated above, eggs are porous and the sharpie ink can be absorbed into the egg.
Would crayon work better? I haven't tried it since I have an egg turner. I was just wondering.

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