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I have several broods of dominique crosses I want to mark to broods. Later I will be marking with wing bands with intent of tracking individuals but would like to delay that until about 4 weeks post hatch.

Permanent markers are clear and give adequate color combinations. Plan is to apply marks to down on head and possibly primary wing feathers later. Anyone have a handle on mark retention rate or undesirable effects?
Sharpies and Marks A Lots are labeled as non-toxic, so should be plenty safe. The marks should stay on until the feathers come out. The Marks A Lots are flammable until dry, so don't let the chicks smoke until the mark dries.
i use pull ties... but you have to check them every day depending on breed of chicks... on bantams they last a bit longer... but for the giant cochins or shamo, it last them a couple of days sometimes...
Day old chicks and limited time to apply.

Little colored zip ties work pretty good.
Sharpies, made in China, are Non Toxic with limited exposure to humans. I would not touch a bird or a egg with one when you can use water based food coloring and get the same effect. My bittys mean too much to me to use a Sharpie on one, but to each his own.
The markers will come off quickly. Think of how fast chicks start molting their down - especially Dom chicks. Not only that, but the marker itself will rub off the feathers.

Use toe punches. And don't even worry about buying a toe punch. A nice sharp pair of nail cutters, or really good scissors work just fine. Better, I think.

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