permethrin 10 need mixing dosage please

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    Does any one how many ounce to put to a gallon to use as a spray to spray down coops and then how many ounces per gallon to use as spray to spray on chickens and goats? Thank you
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    When I bought my liquid permethrin, I didn't realize it was to be diluted before spraying on coops.

    I found out that the little tiny label on the container unfolds, and has the instructions there. Check yours out if you wish.
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    I dilute it 1.28 ounces per gallon of water for spraying the birds down.

    If you have an active infestation you can dilute the Permethrin 10% to 3.2 ounces per gallon for normal infestations or 6.4 ounces per gallon for servere infestations, but this must NOT be used on the birds only inside the coop, on roosts/walls/etc. Close doors and windows before spraying and keep door closed for 10-15 minutes after you spray. I would suggest wearing a face mask everytime you spray.

    The residue will last up to 30 days.
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    Quote:Thanks sundown i want to do a main spray down now that spring is comeing in
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    5 ml per quart which is 1 teaspoon.
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    Because I'm mixing this myself and don't want to use the garden pump sprayer, I found the correct formula on Permethrin's website. When you mix P-10 with H2o, it becomes much weaker (5%?). I mix it in a 1-gallon container and then pour it into a smaller plastic spray bottle and I'm all set! Did this last night after dusk but I like the Poultry Protector and the "dust" powder I put inside their coop - both floors - now they have to walk thru it and nest on they have to make contact with it!

    I know Vaseline is the best - but I CAN'T make myself touch it or their scaly legs. So, I'll just keep spraying their legs with the P.P. and continue with my fresh garlic, cheese eggs every morning. They are getting very used to the garlic taste - which is also in their drinking water & ACV too! Eventually, I hope they eat fresh, garlic cloves by themselves without my having to hide it in their! :)

    4 teaspoons of P10 in one gallon of water!

    Linda in NC

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