Permits needed for this coop?

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Planning on building a 24 x 24 coop, with electricity and water.

The Coop will be suspended 6'' off the ground, and I will need to shelf the hill its on.(getting CAT for that)

Water: There is already a faucet near by, and I was just going to run a hose to the coop.

Electricity: Planning on running a extension cord through some PVC piping just about a foot under ground.

Another note: We live in Oregon, right on the edge of the Grants Pass county line, so kinda in the middle of nowhere.
The extension cord is not a good idea in the situation you describe. I would run a "hardwire" system through the pvc and have it connected to the garage or house. In my situation the electrician says I can run the wire and he'll connect by sacrificing an outlet in the back room off my garage. Right now I have an extension cord above ground run along the top of the fencing to the coop.
You should check the municipal code in your area. Phx is anything over 800 square feet.

I think permits are an issue between your conscience and the local building inspector. If you go down to Codes Compliance and ask them for a permit, I am sure they will be glad to sell you one.

On the other hand, if your City already "permits" you to have chickens via ordinance, one may imply that they expect you to provide adequate quarters and one could make the case that a permit is not be required.

Check with your locality if it makes you feel better, but remember the 12th Commandment:

"Thou Shalt Not Ask Questions Thou Art Not Prepared to Hear the Answer To..."

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