persistent cold/flu virus??? Anyone else..


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Jun 4, 2010
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I am wondering if anyone else is dealing with a very persistent, medication resistant cold or flu virus?? I know its flu season, but this is just ridiculous.

I got sick before Xmas and though it was persistent with me I only had a few bad days, but until around the 20th if February I was constantly dealing with tiredness, body aches and headaches. A couple advil and I would be ok for 6 to 8 hours at a time.

But my kids are different, at a week apart just after xmas they both got sick, fever, chills, body aches, crankiness, lack of appetite, head pain, coughing, sneezing, sunken eyes and constantly tired. I brought them to the doctors just after the holidays and he prescribed antibiotics. They didn't work and my son who will be turning 3 this month began vomiting as a side effect from the meds. Went back to the doctors and he said there was no point in getting any more meds for them except for OTC to treat symptomatically. He said the town is dealing with a heavy strain of of a cold virus that just doesn't respond to medication and it needs to run its course. I did asked him what it was and he said, well...we just don't know, but if I were to guess its just a common cold or flu....I WERE TO GUESS???

Anyhow, my cabinet is fully stocked with OTC meds, my DD missed 3 weeks of school and then the school said to just let her go because well, a lot of kids have it too and she was missing too much school, the Health unit finally came out and said that the town has seen an outbreak of Influenza. Gee tell me something I didn't know already...anyhow, so treating symptomatically has worked up until 2 weeks ago, my son (just turning 3) got really sick, really watery stools and severe stomach cramping, low grade fever and I was again told it has to run its course, this I get, but I am really worried because while he is drinking his eating is worse than before, he has a couple bites and then wants nothing more because his tummy aches and doesn't feel well. then Dh got real sick, Dh doesn't get sick, ever...and then suddenly he comes up to me and tells me he feels like an elephant is sitting on his chest, he is super congested, and has a high fever, so I have to take care of him too, one week later he is still wheezing, which btw the doc did give him antibiotics because he had fluid in his lungs too, but he is constantly drained now. today my son has no episodes of watery stool, but he has been sleeping a lot and my dd who was feeling soo much better is right back to square one.

I have no clue what else to do, I have them on vitamins D drops and echinacea drops, treating their symptoms and feeding them well and making sure they are all getting plenty of rest and fluids. I don't usually use bleach, but I have lately been adding a 5 percent bleach solution to my surface steamers and floor steamer and using lysol. Yet it doesn't seem to help.

I don't know if between work, the kids, the dh, all the animals and everything else I am trying to juggle, if I am just too busy to catch this thing going around my house, or if I might be the carrier as I am the one that came down with it first....

so is anyone else dealing with this, around here....I am just tired of being tired, and tired of my family feeling so unwell!!
Oh Dear.

I know what you mean, but I have only had it for about 2 weeks now. I have a persistant cough, which is frustratingly interrupting my sleep pretty frequently despite a prescription narcotic anti-cough med. I am constantly exhausted. I have had to nap EVERY DAY since I got sick!!!!

I wish I could tell you something to make it better. I was trying oil of oregano because I heard it was fantastic, but I coughed so hard that I vomitted it up, and... well let's just say I can never stomach that again.

My usual treatment to "kill a bug" is taking some zinc, but that's a no go either

Feel better soon!
It's an awful strain going around. I have had my cough and runny nose on and off since before Christmas. I finally went in, they gave me antibiocs and a puffer.. (I was in coughing fits to the point of peeing my pants)
My usual treatment to kill a bug is lots of raw garlic and onion. This didn't work either. It's a bad one this year,

I hope you and your family shake it soon! Maybe if you can buy the pedialight Mr. Freezes for your son. So even if he's not eating he's still getting something? All the best
I got bronchitis in early November. When I was just about over it I got the flu. Dec. 5th to be exact. I had diarrrea from then until Feb. 23. Lost 30 lbs, still no appetite. We have run a lot of tests. Just the flu......I'm exhausted.

I hope your family feels better.
I was sick with it for six weeks myself. Everyone else has had their turn at it too. The grandkids have had multiple episodes of viruses with different symptoms. You may try to get your son to eat some yogurt. If he has had antibiotics they can mess up with the balance in your system. We make it a habit if we have to take antibiotics to go ahead and start eating yogurt shortly after starting the meds.
We just went through it. I wish I had kept my ds home after his flu,and maybe he would not have ended up in the ER with pneumonia.Darn school attendance laws! DD had the flu. I had flu and/or pneumonia. Long 2-3 weeks.

I give my kids the little critter gummis with vitC,echinacea,and zinc when they are ill. Also elderberry is good. I have been spraying everything too,and wiping things down. I know they can easily just pick something up at school.

After my ds was done with antibios I dosed him dialy with lifeway kefir to get his gut back in order.

Look over in for suggestions on dealing with and preventing illness. Fingers crossed that the worst has passed!

In a Way I am glad to see its not just me and my family and the several other families here in my town, but I feel for all of you too who are Ill with this virus. Especially the kids, its really rough on them.

My DS has lost about 5 lbs so far, for a little guy who was already kind of skinny, 5 lbs is very noticeable.

last night was rough up with both kids up until about 430 am. I had told my boss I would go in today for work if he needed me too, but when he called I told him no, so now I feel guilty, but I am just tired and for today I rather stay home with my kids.

I have oil of oregano....but that just doesn't work at this point either and both my kids won't take it so I have tried adding it to tomatoes and cucumber, lol, they just don't like that taste.

All I can say now is that I really cannot wait till this is over and the warmth of spring arrives.
This is going to sound off the wall, but check your heating system. Change the filters more often than usual. Perhaps invest in a carbon monoxide detector.

Just a thought. Hope y'all get to feeling better soon.
thanks gritty, but my heating system is all brand spanking new, and I actually got two detectors, now mandatory in every home across Ontario, I got one int he basement and one in the top floor. All the filters are Hepa filters and I have a top of the line Venmar system set up in basement. the air quality on my house is pretty good. I found out a few years ago that my kids had some respiratory issues and it came back to be the oil furnace, we got rid of that, and then went wood, but that made things worse, we now have electric, no other choice and it took long time to save the money for a good furnace, and all the supplies, plus the electrician to come hook it up and the Venmar, it was a ridiculous price but very much worth it. It circulates the air and cleans it and the heat exchanger works great!! We stay on top of the filter changes.

this is the one we bought:
Well my dd is sick again.High fever and a cough. Hoping she does not develop pnuemonia like my ds did after his bout with the flu.

I sure hope this is the last of it.Plenty of kids are out of school lately. Taking dd to the doctors in a day or 2 so we don't have to hit up the ER like we did with my ds on the weekend.


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