Persistent vent problem with hen

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    In looking up vent gleet, it doesn't appear that it is the problem though I suspect it's similar. I have a hen that keeps getting a poopy but that comes with straining when pooping and a bad smell. There is also some crusted blood at the top room of the vent and if not treated, will draw flies and lead to maggots. I've lost a couple hens to this in the past because I didn't know what was going on until too late. The maggots are NOT benign (though disgusting). The problem with them is they pick up the bacteria in the area and spread it around, causing the wound to spread. It has led to an actual hole developing in the affected hen at the site, allowing maggots to actual go internal and spread the infection further. My worst case has a huge opening in the butt area of the hen, allowing you to see deep inside her. She was to far gone and had to be put down. My current hen (just one out of a dozen) that gets this problem has been controlled but it requires CONSTANT attention, ever day to every other day. It usually strikes in the spring/summer and is a constant issue for the entire season.

    I've tried Apple cider vinegar in the water, probiotics, but nothing works to prevent it. I can only keep it in check by washing her but every couple days (I use a solution of Nolsolvant or povidone iodine followed by application of triple antibiotic ointment and, to prevent flies and maggots from bothering her, smearing Swat ointment around the vent - it's an ointment used on horses that repels flies on wounds). I seemed to cure her of the problem last year with a dosing period of Baytril so it makes me think it starts with some sort of bacteria. I no longer have Baytril but do have oxytetracycline, Nystatin, and penicillin but don't want to use the wrong type.

    The top of her vent that gets red and irritated/bloody isn't prolapsed, isn't coated with a lot of poop. I usually notice it when she starts straining to poop. I check her vent and a large scab has formed at the top of her vent and there will usually be SOME poop stuck to the feathers near the bottom of the vent.

    I want to prevent this rather than treat it all summer long. Any ideas?
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    Make sure the coop and area around the coop is clean. It could be bacteria. You might want to clean out the coop with disinfectant and let it air out. You can soak the hen's rear end in a warm epsom salt bath in a bucket. You can apply vetericyn to the wound and maybe keep the hen inside a run in the pen for a while so that she doesn't get pecked. Good luck!
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    I have the same problem. Lost a naked neck last week that had this and I got that cleared up but maybe the bacteria had spread to much. I use 1/4 cup Epsom salt and 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide in about 1 1/2 gal warm water and soak her rear and flush the area. I also applied bacitracin to the area.

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