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  1. kevinkeb4

    kevinkeb4 In the Brooder

    Dec 3, 2007

    I set up a page here,but it wont let me upload pics of my chicks,or any pic for that matter,can someone help please,
    Thanks, Kevin
  2. Cheryl

    Cheryl Songster

    I use photobucket and copy from problem is my pictures could be smaller!
  3. kevinkeb4

    kevinkeb4 In the Brooder

    Dec 3, 2007
    Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks.I have a photobucket page and I tried uploading from there and all I get is a link/html code.
    I tried image code,html code and neither will give me anything but code on my page.If you feel like it,will you go to my page and see what it looks like. I hope its under my kevinkeb4,name and the title of the page is Fred and Ed.
    I am not very technologically inclined.........[​IMG]
  4. ThreeBoysChicks

    ThreeBoysChicks Songster

    Sep 19, 2007
    Thurmont, MD
    If you are still having problems. WHen you are viewing your Personal Page, on the left there is a link to print instructions. I followed them, very detailed and it explains exactly how to use PhotoBucket Pictures.

    I set up a page over the weekend, following these instructions and it worked great.

    Thanks to whomever put together the instructions.
  5. Blisschick

    Blisschick not rusty

    Feb 20, 2007
    Shepherd, Texas
    At the top of the editing window, in the toolbar, there is a button to click to allow you to place a photo into your page. It's located a little off center of the top right. Click on that, and it will help you place a link to a photo so it can be viewed on your page.

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