Personality Comparison Between LS and Meaties.

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by psittacinekane, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Jul 12, 2009
    I recently picked up 20 meat chicks at TSC and I also have a number of Light Sussex that I've raised from my own stock. I was going to compare the two to show similarities and differences, but ya know what? The meaties just DON'T seem to have personalities and as far as similarities go, both breeds are ... well ... yellow.

    I'm hoping to put a few CX's under a broody hen I have outside, because maybe then they'll acquire some kind of interest factor. As it stands right now...there's zip going on with them. They eat, they drink, they lie down (usually in their water bowl). A little disappointed when, over in the next brooder, their Sussex 'cousins' run around, fall over, peck and jump at the greenery, act like happy goofballs etc. [​IMG]
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    You got ripped CX are personality plus! My last batch were funny and active critters but this new batch have all of them beat. They are running to and fro, constantly foraging from daylight to dark...they range out further than any of my DP breeds ever did. They are scattered all over 2 acres and I have to drive them back into the coop at dark.

    I could watch them for hours! They are the funniest birds I've ever had...they are constantly doing the little rooster fighting, flying up on top of the water containers and playing king of the hill to scrabble for space on the roost. They follow me around like I'm their mama and will peck at my legs and feet. They will do a standing jump of up to 3 ft after flying insects and will play keep away with worms like a full scale rugby match!

    These are the most active foragers I've ever seen in all my years of keeping chickens...I'm amazed at their vigor and mobility.

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