Pet Peeve! When sellers substitute or don't meet the order!


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Nov 15, 2009
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I don't know if this is the right place to rant about this, but I am fed up with paying for something and not getting what I paid for! This happens a lot with hatching eggs, I buy them lots of sources, and too often the sellers are adding extras I don't want and not marking which they are, or substituting other eggs for the ones I purchased. It really upsets me. I have waited a really long time for a dozen eggs and the seller tells me they have sent only 10 of the breed I wanted (promised an assortment, now not actually getting one) and 2 of a breed I don't want. In fact, it's a breed I want nothing to do with but I won't be able to tell what it it is and now am stuck incubating something I hadn't planned on having. And this is not the first time. This really upsets me. Am I the only one that doesn't like this practice?
That would bother me also. I've had sellers add extras of other breeds, but I got the correct amount of the breed I paid for. I've sent other eggs(as extras) after the number of eggs they paid for was met, but Never with out asking if they'd like them first.
That would tick me off too! I don't have eggs to ship yet, but I have quite a mental list of the Do's and don't when I get there! Good luck with your extras, maybe you can sell them off?
Hatch them and give away the extras.

Thing is, chickens lay on thier terms. In order to have fresh eggs you can either save up a group and hope the buyer pays the day they order so you can send them, or else let people order eggs which haven't been laid. If you're getting 5/6ths of what you ordered you could ask for the 1/6th to be refunded, but sometimes live animals don't do what we expected.
I have included extras before, but only after filling the ordered breed and ESPECIALLY only after asking if the buyer wants extras and if they have a preference on the breed of extras... providing I have that kind... and I mark eggs with what pen they came from so they can at least have a hint of what they will be.

I second what Saddina said too...
chickens lay on their schedule, not ours...

I've been waiting patiently for some eggs that I already paid for and am not in the least upset that it has to be this way. I have been in contact with the seller and we have even joked about how the girls have their way of doing things...
I only send the breed that I sold and in the amount that was sold. I wouldn't want "extras" of another breed included either. Luckily I don't buy many eggs anymore so I don't have to worry about it. I also don't pre-sale because you never know what the hens are going to do.
If I give extras, it is because I had a few more eggs than needed on delivery day BUT I only give extra of breed surprise breeds.

I have a box of pure Welsh Harlequin Hatching eggs at my desk right now awaiting pick up. The ordered 2 dozen, but they are getting 26 pure Welsh Harlequin hatching eggs.
I'd be really ticked if someone sent me SILKIE eggs with my Plymouth Rocks! Yuk, phooey!
If I can't meet the total I am supposed to have for a buyer, I ask if they'd like additions of another breed or would they like me to wait till a later date, or would they like a few $$ refunded in the package.

***that said, I'd incubate them and give the chicks away pronto!
Ohhhh Cyn, now you know everyone is going to send you Silkie eggs don't you?
LOL They better not or they may go "on Vacation"

I think the way you do it is perfect! You can't ask for much else. And I have had extras breeds sent and did not like it when I had to re-home them. Course it was into the freezer, but still....

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