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    Dec 24, 2010

    I just posted my introduction. I am a new chicken owner and also own a pet sitting company. I look after chickens for other folks from time to time. I am looking after a group now and one is a worry to me. She is missing a lot of feathers and I noticed her vent was working all the time last night. Another chicken was pecking at her rear. This morning she was bloody in the back and seemed to be pushing- standing up on her toes. She hid from the others.

    I have looked over the site and think it could be she is egg bound so I plan to give her a sits bath tonight. I think all the chickens seem to have missing feathers and look like they are pecking each other. The client keeps the light on day and night. I wonder if that is good or if they need a certain number of dark hours. They all seem stressed to me.
    How many hours of dark do they need if any?
    Thanks for any help.
  2. C&C Chickens

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    Sounds like she is egg bound to me. I would bring her in, give her a warm sitz bath for thirty minutes, and then blow her as dry as you can with a blow-dryer. You'll need to keep her inside for warmth (use a heating pad under a thick layer of newspaper or a in a very warm room) and to keep the others from pecking her prolapse. We did this with one of ours recently and her prolapse resolved itself and she laid her first egg the next day. Good luck! Oh, I can't say for sure, but it seems to me keeping the lights on 24 hours would not be a good thing - they need their sleep just as we do, and maybe it is causing stress?
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    Yes, the light is a problem. Many people extend daylight for a few hours with a light to increase egg production, but they shouldn't have light on for more than 14 or 15 hours. In your situation I'd probably turn it off. Also, chickens will peck a bloody chicken, often to death, so you'll have to keep this one separate til she is pretty well healed up. Sounds to me like you are caring for overcrowded chickens, as this causes them a lot of stress.
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    Agreed with the lite!!!! Also, try to find Blue Kote at a feed and seed or tractor supply to cote the area where she's being pecked on. This will help! Great luck and bless you for caring soooo much!
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    I agree with everyone here as well. I also suggest you inspect them for lice/mites.
  6. woodmort

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    I wouldn't be worried about lice etc, right now, that'll be for the owner when they get back. Blue Kote the injured area and shut off the lights at night, this will give the injured hen a chance for respite from being picked on and time to heal. I don't know how long the owners are going to be away but if it is for only another day or so you might want to let them handle it. Once the birds start on a hen that is low in the pecking order they will continue unless she's separated but then it is a problem reintroducing her--that'll be the owner's job. The suggestion about the bath is good if that is the problem but it might be more than you want to do and may not be the cure anyway.
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    I just want to applaud you for taking your job seriously enough to find somewhere to ask questions! Kudos! No advice here but I wish you and the chickens all the best [​IMG]
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    Me too!........[​IMG]
  9. camelidchick

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    Dec 24, 2010
    Thanks for the replies. I called the owners and asked permission to bring the chicken home with me if needed tonight and they agreed. I have a lot of calls so could not take the time required at their place. But, when I arrived tonight she seemed much better. I did turn off one of the lights so the roosts are darker. I left her with the group and I'll see how she is in the morning. I have blue kote in my kit.
    Thanks. it is so good to have support when neeed. I am glad I found this group.
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