Pet turkeys and Thanksgiving


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Feb 24, 2007
I only had to touch up the child safe paint once during the fall season and twice in the much wetter spring season.

The fish and game officers know my bronze tom is there and is a special pet. While they can't be there all the time, all hunting season they do watch for the chronically stupid. I was bothered by them just hiding in wait for one fool that was trying to call the tom out of the fenced area. The bird fortunately didn't buy the fake turkey sounds. The same fool later shot at their mechanical pheasant and got nailed.

The fabric markers my daughter used on the duck did go 2 months. I don't see anything now but the ducks are molting. If it lasts all summer on a bird that's in the water constantly it should last a long time on a dry bird. Since they are designed for kids crafts I doubt they would cause a problem.

You can't spend your life worrying about what might happen. Take some reasonable precautions and get on with it. My old goat was shot during pheasant season, was also the opening day of moose season. An old dairy goat doesn't look much like either. Unfortunately you can't regulate or legislate Stupid. The perimeter of my property is surrounded by three strands of bright yellow electric fence. Fish and Game has the adjacent property line peppered with signs warning of horses and livestock. I could lock everybody down but they would be miserable. My pens are too small, just designed for night lock down.

I'd be afraid of a harness because they could get it hung up someplace and become an easy mark for a predator or just plain hang themselves.

I do remember some of our local odd kids using koolaid like hair dye on the outside but I'm not sure how long that would last. Being "food" I think it would break down fairly fast.


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Jul 14, 2007
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Dont relie on the RULES my neighbor in OH had his ceramic deer shot at night a couple times he finally got rid of it figuring eventually the shooter would be bad enough shot that they would shoot into house. Hunters are braizen enough to shoot a bird in you front yard its not the hunt but making sure you bring home something. I know the rules say you must positively identify your target, but a couple of years back I believe in CT, a mother got shot in her back yard, the hunter claimed she looked like a deer when he pulled the trigger.
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Mar 6, 2007
when our poults were little, my husband, whos a hunter would take his turkey call and talk to them. It was really kinda cute because they would talk right back. We've got a neighbor who goes hunting in the woods behind our house. he has no regards for our property. I think I am going to get some no hunting signs up before the season starts my goats and sheep wander off the wooded hill. Crystal


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Jun 15, 2007
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I think taking some precautions, and only letting them out when I am outside as well. I will probably paint something on them to mark them. But SueNH, you're right, you can't legislate stupid. Thanks to all for you're replies.


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Jul 5, 2007
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Another good reason to pen your birds is that the sound of guns in the area might scare them into going places they don't normally go. I'd paint them, so when you're home playing with them in the yard, but would lock them up all the rest of the time.

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