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    A pristinely plumed Padovana named Peter Pippin
    persistently pecked a plenitude of positively
    perturbed preening pullets. If Peter Pippin, the
    pristinely plumed Padovana, persistently pecked
    a plenitude of positively perturbed preening pullets,
    how many positively perturbed preening pullets perhaps
    pondered the possibility of permanently petrifying
    Peter Pippin (the pristinely plumed Padovana)?
    Patience paid off when the positively perturbed preening pullets
    placed Peter Pippin in a peculiar position and proceeded to
    permanently petrify his pristine plumes.

    Friendly fowl found fodder of the aforementioned
    feathered fiend in Farmer Fred's fields.
    Focusing on farmer Fred's Fields they found full
    factual findings that finally freed the female fowl of foul play.
    Farmer Fred was found guilty of fraudulently fooling
    the friendly fowl who found the fodder. Farmer Fred failed to find
    factual fortitude in these findings, but was found forevermore guilty of
    the fatality of the aforementioned feathered fiend.
    Female fowl rejoiced in their freedom and successful framing of Farmer Fred.

    And that my friends, fully explains the origins of the first fryer!​
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    Minding your 'P's and 'F's are you? [​IMG]
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