pheasant /chicken crosses


11 Years
Feb 12, 2008
Agawam , Ma
Does anybody have any of these ?

In the spring i am going to put a ringneck cock in with my laying hens and see what happens

Any one have any pics besides the one's on feather site
I am a genetic freak, so I really am excited that you're going to do this!!!! Sorry I dont have any help for you. I tried searching this exact subject it's been done, but never saw a chicken/pheasant picture i too want to see one!!!

I read that scientists actaully AI a quail to a chicken....and produced a quail chicken! NO pictures to show what this looked like either though i'd like to see.

I have 2 hen Button quails in with a batch of Coturnix quails, am sneakily hoping they reproduce naturally and I get some BQ/Coturnix hybrids. Hoping, to makea hybrid that's calmer like the Coturnix, yet more colorful like the BQs.
wow, i love the phesant chicken cross (the dark one)! I don't have an interest in crossing a quail with a chicken but i am curious what it looks like hehe!
so.....if i have a male white pheasant....are my hens in danger of being mated with? I have 2 banty hens, who hang close with my banty roo, an 2 standard hens (1 jersey giant and 1 wyandotte) who the roo does not seem to care for at this time (the standards are young).
He may breed with them he may not . I think its a luck of the draw .

The only case i ever heard of with a pheasant mateing a chicken is on feathersite and that pheasant was rasied by a hen frm a chick so maybe he thought he was a chicken and thats why he bred

Ya never know though

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