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    O.K everyone, it's nice having a good discussion, but maybe it needs to stop, it is really not going anywhere ( admittedly I haven't read it all ).
    You all seem to be putting a lot of time and effort into trying to crush the "opposition", how many people do you reckon are actually reading all the long spiels? These long post are all just eventually going to get lost, never to be remember again and it only seems to be between 3 or 4 people. I am sure there are many people not joining in with this thread just because of the fact they are over the debating and all that is going on.
    Maybe you could move it to PM's, I know there you won't get the support of peers but at least this thread can continue on....after all it really is going to continue on, unless it's shut down for going over the top.

    Sorry if anyone has a problem with what I have said, I will not be replying to anyone who replies to this post....unless it is positive[​IMG]!
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    Ahh ok, will keep it in mind. have a few mutations in the ringnecks..... Whites, cinnamons, mutants and platinums! I have one spare male who was hen raised, so was going to give him a go, my roosters seem to peck the ringnecks. And yes the naked neck and frizzle will be very unique indeed :p
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    I think the thread should be cleaned up, remove all the negative posts, that are of no value to the discussion so the people who are interested can enjoy this topic.
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    I have several ringnecks in most of the available mutations. I don't see an issue if I decide to "borrow" a bit of the males semen to create a couple interesting birds..... Just because I do this doesn't make him useless for breeding with his own species.
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    Everbody needs to just forget about it if anybody mentions anything bad about this tread we should just ignor it and not reply to what the person said this is a really interesting tread and i don't think the people interested in it wants it to get ruined over peoples opionions everybody will have different opionions on things so if you don't like this tread please leave i am very interested in this tread an dont wont it ruined. [​IMG]
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    I'm not sure how this is done. Can only a Moderator remove unwanted posts?
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    I would like to see:)
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    I love hybrids, and anyone that knows anything about hybrids and crossed pheasants would see yours as No threat to pheasants at all.
    and that whole shpealllll of take 2 then 4 then 6 then you have 20,000,000... good luck with that it's just not true.
    Can't wait to see them when they are grown

    Thank You for posting this!
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