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Hey this is my first time raising pheasasnt. I am getting day old chicks and can't wait. I do need help with things like if I need game feeders. I just need help or tips thanks. sorry I forgot to add anything about brooding cages, feeders, waterers, how hot should they be, flight pens, and do they need roosts? I would like to see some piictures of some pheasant chicks. Thanks again much
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A couple of tips:

Game birds are very light sensitive. Most people use colored lights for brooding, I use a ceramic reptile bulb. White bulbs seem to drive them almost crazy, there will always be a few that never seem to lay down to sleep and peep themselves to death. Presently, I am raising two in an aquarium on paper towels for the first couple of days and am going as far as to cover up the sides of the bator for at least 12 hours of the day with a couple of towels so that they sleep.

Definitely use a game starter for food, it that isn't available and you can only find game grower, you will need to break the pellets up for them.

I use a quail water to start with, it keeps them from getting wet and catching a chill.

Usually, if you can get them eating, sleeping, and drinking well, they will thrive. As they mature, the males can become very territorial and may need to be separated.

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