Pheasant sneeze


10 Years
Aug 23, 2012
Hi Everyone

I have a 16 month old Yellow Golden Pheasant that has been sneezing or a type of dry cough for a couple of months. I gave it antibiotics for a week 2 months ago it helped a little bit but it started once again a month later. Then I heard that it just had to
be dewormed and that a smashed pumpkin will work as a natural remedy and it worked for a while but he just started again.
So i have been told that Wazine 17 will make it better; this my first year breeding pheasants and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
I prefer the ivermec also as it works on several different intestinal worm and I believe the Wazine is only for round worms.
It certainly won't hurt them.I couldn't tell for sure if it will help or not.Have you determined if it is worms?Wazine,piperazine,ivemec,safeguard are all wormers.What are the birds living conditions?Is it near chickens,turkeys,ducks,ect.?What are you feeding them?Do they have a place to keep drafts off from them?
In N.H.,Tony.
My golden pheasant is in a 6x6 foot cage by itself, well covered from the elements. I feed him agrimaster meet producer for high a protein diet for the upcoming winter and all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

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