pheasants and light.. how much?


11 Years
Feb 18, 2008
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Just got a pair of Ringnecks and have them in a shed with no window. Once the snow drops will build a better outside pen.

Have a light w timer and a compact flourescent equal to 60 watts. Shed is 8X8. Is this enough candle power of light to keep egg production happening? Any trouble with flourescents? I remember reading that pigeons don't adapt to flourescents due to speed of flickering and how pigeon eye is built.

Thanks in advance.


Pheasant Obsessed
11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
The Sticks, Vermont
it depends. if your birds are mature 8 x 8 is plenty. they should be able to have an outdoor pen with a covver. If they are still chicks a 250 watt red heat lamp will work good luck

Leslie In North Pole

12 Years
Mar 7, 2007
North Pole, AK
My pair live in a 4x5 cage in my main coop which does have windows and I supplement using a pair of new energy efficient bulbs that put out 75watts of light but only use 15 watts. My hen started laying in Feb. when the sun here was only up for 6 to 8 hours a day. We run our lights for 15 hours a day and that seems to be adequate for a coop that is 24x10. They don't need really bright light, just enough that their internal clock registers night and day.

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