Physically ran into a tree branch Tuesday

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    Tuesday evening after work, I got out of my car on the concrete parking pad in front of the house I rent, carrying my purse, canvas bag, small insulated lunch bag, and some trash to put into the garbage container within a few feet of the car. Accomplished the trash drop as all of the poultry came running to see me. Louie the Drake, who loves me lots, is often an impediment to walking. I must look like a drunkard, stepping around and over and around him as he waddles directly in my path, billing me or my clothing.

    So...... I step REALLY big to get ahead of him and take off in a run to STAY ahead of him. But I was much closer to the gigantic yew tree at the corner of the house than I realized, and ran smack into one of the main trunk branches with the TOP of my head. (I was looking down to anticipate where Louie would turn next.) Had I not been looking down, I would have hit it right at the level of the bridge of my nose.

    The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back in the years of accumulated leaf litter. Plus the past month-and-a-half's worth of free ranging detritus, just a few feathers and a bit of poultry poo. All the chickens and both ducks had scattered, and were now coming back to find out why I was on the ground at their level and did I have any treats for them?

    No blood. No gash in my scalp, just a really nasty scrape and tender, growing lump on the top of my head. My glasses apparently had flown off my face with the force of the impact. Found 'em. Small dogs in the house were anxiously awaiting behind the front door. When I let them out, they both jumped up on me, whining, before they ran over to pee against the trash barrels. They avoided Louie, who was back at my side, tugging on my long skirt.

    I had the sense to comb everything out of my hair, then take a double dose of generic ibuprofen with a diet Pepsi. Remembered to go into the back yard and gather eggs from the coops. Got out of my soiled business attire, then managed to drag my butt out of the recliner once again when it was time to make sure all the chickens had gone to roost.

    Woke up the next morning with a WHANGING headache, and called in sick by leaving a message on my superivisor's office voice mail. Took some more ibuprofen. Shortly after 9:30 in the morning (I normally report to work at 7: 30 AM) my supervisor called to check on me - because I had explained the "struck my head" situation and apparently sounded somewhat groggy and disconnected. Or disjointed. Or discombobulated. Whatever.

    So, I called my physician's office and made the "first available" appointment, called my supervisor back and she said she'd have somebody from work provide the transportation. Oh lordy. I can freakin' drive, I just can't WALK without hitting a tree! Then my doctor called me, concerned as well, and after a bit of conversation, she determined I was not "emergent" and the afternoon appointment would be sufficient. I called my supervisor back and said I didn't need a driver, I was safe to drive.

    My physician was curious about the bruises on the backs of my hands and up and down my forearms; I had to explain they were duck hickies. Noop, this wasn't a battered woman situation, relaaaaax.

    Final diagnosis: darned good thing there is all that leaf litter in the yard, because I didn't suffer a contra coup injury. "If" I had a concussion, it was a mild one. Just a severe whack to the noggin and some swelling, tenderness and ooze of serum from the abrasion. Enough to get tacky in my hair. Ick. Prescription: Over the counter pain medication as necessary, cold compress to the top of my head. (Bag o' frozen peas.)

    Oh, and 2 days later, some right side and shoulder twinges - apparently I was turning as I walked into that tree branch. Lots of folks at work have asked all sorts of questions for which I do not have answers other than, "Hey, I was closer to the tree than I thought I was!"
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  2. I'm sorry for you and your head, but am very glad you landed on leaves, and not squashable duckies!
  3. chics in the sun

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    Apr 1, 2010
    I'm so sorry!! Feel better soon. It would be nice if we could train these crazy birds better......
  4. slackwater

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    Feb 1, 2010
    LOL - you made me laugh! Sorry you got hurt, but glad you're getting better!
  5. X2Farm

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    Jul 6, 2010
    Homer, GA
    oh OUCH!!!! [​IMG]

    but, [​IMG] I'm sorry, [​IMG] as painful as it sounds [​IMG] its hilarious [​IMG]

    Sounds like something I would do [​IMG] Actually, I've done similar...[​IMG]

    Hope you're feelin better now! [​IMG]
  6. mangled

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    My physician was curious about the bruises on the backs of my hands and up and down my forearms; I had to explain they were duck hickies. Noop, this wasn't a battered woman situation, relaaaaax.

    LOL @ duck hickies. I've had to explain those myself.

    Hope you're back to your old duck-dodging self soon.

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    I think you might have been the victim of a "Tree Mugging". Although rare, they do happen occasionally. Trees watch you all the time, day after day and get to know your routine. One day when you're not on the same routine and you're distracted with something, they decide to slowly move directly into your path. Once there, they dig in and wait for you to come barreling through the usual path. Then WHAM!!!!! A concussion to the head or throat!!!!! Viscious, just vicious! While you're unconscious or dazed they slowly move back where they belong and no one's the wiser. Have you ever heard a tree laugh?
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] yeah I swear those trees got EYES!

    Hope you will get to feel better! Get well FAST!
  9. noodleroo

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    Apr 29, 2010
    Rockport, Tx
    You know, I know that sometimes a horse will try to rake you off by running you under a tree limb, but I never knew a duck would do it. Good to know..... I bet he looks at you with a stink eye, too.....[​IMG]

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