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The 25 barred rock chicks are doing great. They are not chicks any more. They are 7 months old now and laying up a storm. They turned 20 weeks in the middle of winter so I didn't know if they would start laying or wait til closer to spring. But they have been doing great with the cold and snow we have had here in WV.

Gorgeous hen.

I want more!!! I only have 2 Barred Rock hens and they are the best broodies and layers I could ask for!! Plus I'm raising Black Sexlinks and it's kinda hard to raise a fair amount to sell without more than 1 BR hen laying at the time!! Because the other BR hen is broody so I can only save 1 BR egg a day while I can save 3 or 4 RIR eggs a day from my 4 laying RIR's.

I need about another 10 BR's and another 7 RIR's for my breeding program. Most people around here pay up to $15.00 for a good laying breed. That's why I'm raising those breeds to sell. Hoping that I become one of the best person to go to if you want nice looking and great layers go for my Black Sexlink's and purebred Rhode Island Reds!!
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One of these 7 month old girls is trying to go broody on me. !!!! I have Barney, a BR rooster but don't really have anywhere built yet to put him and a few of the ladies. I don't think I want him in with all the hens as I'm selling the eggs. But I have been racking my brain the last couple days to think of somewhere I would have that they could "set up house keeping". HEHHE I think Barney would love to have a harem. Here is a pic of him.


Maybe I can come up with an idea in the next couple of days.

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