pic of planed coop. any input ideas, changes

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  1. woodward farms

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    Aug 15, 2007
    northwest indiana

    i found this coop pic somewhere on the net last year i have no idea where. i am planning on starting on it next weekend the size i am planning on is 7 1/2 ft x 11 ft the coop area will be the width of 7 1/2 and be 4 ft deep...i am changing the location of the door to enter the run to be on the side rather then the end.
    roof shingles instead of sheeting to be used.. i have a stack of lumber from a old shed so that is why i have off sizes..
    ok here is where you all come in..
    1 i am putting 6 birds in it 4 barred rock 2 RIR all hens i hope is this size ok?

    2 northwest indiana gets down right cold in winter,the coop will be built nice and tight no drafts and a window or two. is a 4 ft x 7 1/2 coop ok?

    3 i was thinking of putting plastic sheeting or fiber glass pannels over the screens for winter and letting them have access to it.

    4 2 nesting boxxes, roost poles, dropping board, low wattage light in coop (its dark in morning when i leave for work in winter so its needed so i can check in on them)

    5 the floor or the coop will be a large 6 inch deep pan that can be removed from the side as i am going to try to do the deep litter meth.

    6 the run is black dirt should i add sand as it tends out to get muddy if wet?

    ok its your turn lets see your input so i do this right the first time.... give me your 2 cents so i save time and $

    thanks john

    but my wife monicka really thanks you the most..
    the sooner i finish this my project the sooner i get to start her projects
    puts me first i gotta love that women
  2. jenlynn4

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Thats a very nice coop! I cant wait to see yours when you get it done. JEN
  3. lurky

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Western MA
    That is AWESOME!!!!!!! Your chickens will be very lucky yo have a beautiful home.

    I would say to insulate the coop for them.
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  4. CarlaRiggs

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    You've done a terrific job planning the coop & run. If it will make you feel more comfortable insulating the coop, I'd go ahead and do it now. Just make sure you have enough ventilation near the top of the coop. The size is ample for six hens. And I'm sure they'll enjoy the enclosed run when it gets wet and snowy.
    What size and type of mesh will you use for the sides?

    Your wife is *indeed* a gem! [​IMG]

  5. Dilly

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Hi, I too am looking at only six hens and I like the look of his coop. Can you post a description or drawing of how you plan on laying out the inside design of nests and roost? Also the removable pan. I like the idea of the deep litter as well. What will you use for the pan? I keep thinking I want one that can be pulled out to clean without going inside a coop. Will it be too heavy to pull out once in need of cleaning?

    Also, how do you plan on collecting eggs. I also wanted to do this without accessing the pen. Come on guys I am a lady with no skill at design. I know what I want just not how to draw or make it happen. [​IMG]

    I would love hearing your ideas for interior.

    Dilly girl
  6. tororider

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    Feb 6, 2008
    Southeast MI
    I have seen these plans on ebay. Try searching "coop, plans". I can't remember how much they wanted for them. Good luck, it is a nice looking coop.

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