*pichures of my flock this morning* *10-16-10*


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Sep 18, 2010
woodsfield ohio
my hen nuget with 2 chiks under her layin in the hay in my coop tryin to keep her and her chiks warm ; the ginnie hen beside her is one that nugget hatched out bak in july ; the ginnie still stays with nugget all the time ; i have 2 more ginnies that nugget hatched as well but they was outside only because they couldnt see where nugget was:

this brahma hen was acting weird for the past 4-7 days like she wanted to be broody ; i never saw her in the nest but everytime she would be eating somethin she would make noises like she was calling chicks to come and eat it ; so yesterday i noticed she was fluffing up her feathers making herself look bigger to all the other chikens ; well about 2 weeks ago i got 2 silver sebright chiks ; they had all there feathers except there head feathers ; so yesterday i herded the brahma into the coop ; picked her up ; put her in the nest and stuck the 2 1 month or or so silver sebright in with her ; she loves them ; the silver sebright chicks are a little unsure about what to do when she is talking to them or calling them over for food but they get up under her and stay warm so i think theyre learning that she is mom ; im happy because the day that i got them they had always been in a brooder under a light and i just let them run loose in my coop ; but they always acted like they were freezing so hopfully they learn that she is mom:




heres the other brahma that was outside in the woods this morning; this brahma is the sister to the one above; i was hoping that she would want to raise the chiks with the other brahma but i guess not; she doesnt like them much:

these next pictures are just some of my birds that i let out of there pens to free range today; they went into the woods and so i went and got the camera and took some pics:








heres the other guinea that nugget hatched that went into the woods with the rest of the chikens

and heres the 3rd guinea that nugget hatched that went into the woods with the rest of the chikens
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i just love those guineas that stay near their "mama",
and those sebrights look like they know where to keep warm now.
thank you for sharing these pics birdman.
the fall pictures are beautiful.

ha yes thats hay and that mailbox works amazingly

i just took some of the best pictures ive ever taken in my life
crystal clear no blurry-ness what so ever
best pics ever

ill post them on another post so stay tuned

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