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Had to start a new thread bc my other thread was ignored. **sigh**
I am paring my 20 bird flock down to 6 layers--we're eating the 3 roosters and other 11 hens--bc I'm tired of taking my QH's stall for the birds for the winter.
So, we're modifying a house we made for the turkeys I bought in 2011. This is what it looked like new-

I put a 1/2 inch thick rubber livestock mat above the pallet on the bottom and I just sealed the roof with rubber ashphalt. It's not going to be a very long lived building, BUT, it's sturdy enough for my birds. The interior is ~4' x 5'.
I have several options for the roosts--already bought two nest boxes--and THAT's where I need your opinions.
I can make them out of:
2 in x 8 in boards (I have two of those)
2 x 4's
2 1/2 in - 5 in limbs. I have a LOT of trees that I need to pruned or taken out and I can use those limbs.
I want my roosts to be free standing, and I may shore up the roof of this building and make a slope next year and use it as an intermediary coop for young birds, like 3 weeks old.
In 2015 I am building a coop that will be their home. I started with four chain link dog fencing panels, that I'd bought for a dog I didn't keep, and I've acquired 4 more, including an extra gate panel free, for the runs.

So, would it be bad to make 2 x 8 flat roosts?
Or, would my birds prefer a natural perch?
Everything is "free" bc I won't have to go out and buy these materials.
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well...I have a couple of different types of roosts. Inside the coop, I use 2x4's so they can keep their feet warm in the winter. Seems to work well and they haven't had any feet issues. I keep a poop board under for easy cleaning.

Out in the run, I have some natural perches with about 2" diameter branches - they love those too. I wouldn't go narrower - wider is better for their balance.

Hope that helps!
I think either the 2x4 or 2x8 would be just fine. I like giving them a flat surface cuz that's what my chickens prefer when given a choice.

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