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Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by PotterWatch, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Apr 22, 2008
    I just had words with a man who allowed his little yappy non-leashed dog to poop in my front garden and kept on walking. I walked outside and called to him asking if the dog that just pooped in my yard is his. He said yes but when he came back to look, tried saying that her poop doesn't look like that [​IMG] . I told him I saw the dog squat in that exact place and that is fresh, fresh poop. He didn't have any bags or anything with him so he obviously didn't have plans to clean up after his dogs while out on their walk (he had two other dogs on leash). I have been picking up poop from that same spot every day or two for the last week and I imagine it's been that same dog every dang time. He did come back and pick it up after he finished walking his dogs, but probably only because he knew I would come knocking on his door if he didn't. Why are some people so rude and inconsiderate?
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    Because people are rude and inconsiderate. You did the right thing by calling him on it he will carry a bag and cleanup after his mutt now. Good for YOU.......[​IMG]
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    I try to be ONE with the poop, but when I see that being done deliberately I can go from 1 to 9 on the angry meter immediately. I'm so glad I haven't had to deal with that often.
    I yelled at one neighbor several years ago that "if it was OK for her dog to poop on my lawn, I was assuming it was OK for me to dump my litterbox in her yard" Would've done it too, but she stopped walking her dog on my side of the sreet. I wasn't too happy with her anyways, I saw her sic her dog on a neighbor's cat a few weeks before. [​IMG]

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    My Mom had a dear friend named Pat. Pat had been a Navy wife for many years and could be a bit...shall we say crusty? A man on her block was in the habit of letting his dog poo on her lawn. Pat spoke to him a couple of time but he blew her off. Pat waited for him to come by with his dog and sure enough the little darling pooped right in front of her. Pat waited till the man started back home and went out with a little garden trowel and scooped up the poo. She then followed this guy home with trowel in hand. When he turned and asked her what she thought she was doing she told him she was just returning what belonged to him. She followed him home and deposited the treasure right in the middle of his walk. Oddly,[​IMG] he stopped walking his dog by her house after that:D Pat was a funny old bird . She made me laugh lol
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    I had a very aggressive tomcat who moved into our front yard. He would attack any dog he saw.....people stopped walking their dogs on our side of the street.....so he started running across the road and attacking them over there. He didn't bother all dogs.....but he conveniently attacked the same dogs that were often loose in the neighborhood. One neighbor thought it was "funny" when her dog lunged at and nearly caught a different cat. Should have seen her tune change when my cat ate her dog for lunch. Quite entertaining seeing her scramble and try to "escape".

    I would be tempted to return the poop if he did not continue to pick it up. Maybe in a nice pile right behind their car tire in the driveway. Or in the middle of their yard. Or somewhere they walked. Or better yet, might start walking my 4 dogs in front of their house regularly.

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