Picking on an injured chicken

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    Oct 18, 2011
    My hens (3 of them) have always got on very well - bought them alltogether. 2 weeks ago the 'leader' was hurt by my dogs (separate post). She is now doing really well but very wobbly on her legs. I have kept her in the resting box and the others join her at night to roost. In beginning I would take her out and put her on the grass and because she couldnt stand she would flop over and lay there and eat with the others. The other 2 girls gave her space and didnt even try and eat her food.

    Saturday afternoon was nice and sunny so took injured girl out and put on grass - went back into the kitchen to fetch some treats and looked out window and other two were attacking her! Proper laying into her. One was pecking her crown and the other her back - I felt awful - poor thing cant walk and was flopping everywhere - ran out and put her back in now a rabbit hutch type thing so she can still get some air but others cant get her. She is hopping / flopping around in rabbit hutch so I am still hopeful she will make a full recovery.

    Does this mean when she is able to fight back she will regain her place as leader or will they constantly be 'out to get her' now? They still all came in to roost together and are mindful of her in the nesting box. I dont want to have spent so long nursing and helping my poor hen for her to back with the others and be hurt again.
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    I'd for sure leave her alone until she can stand up properly. Once she's more well (and certainly after her wounds have healed over) you can try re-introducing her to her friends. No telling whether she'll gain her status back completely, but certainly they can all get along again, especially since you just have three birds. [​IMG] It's weird how status works, I'm observing this in my flock after gaining new adult birds.
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    Sep 5, 2011
    They will be wanting to take her place as boss

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