Picking up chicks :/


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Oct 11, 2012
Does picking up and holding and petting chicks make them more tame when they get older? I'm trying to tame one so much that it becomes a lap chicken..They are Rhode Island Red chickens and they are 3 weeks old at the moment.. Please answer :D
The more you handle them, the better socialized they will be. However whether they end up being lap chickens has a lot to do with the individual personalities of the birds. Some like to hang out on your lap and others really don't.
I always handle my chicks a lot cause they are so cute and fluffy. I ended up with all my chickens having different personalities still. I have one that will get up in my lap and settle in like a cat would. One that likes to be petted, and then another one that doesn't want to be touched, looked at, or have anything to do with me. All 3 from the same hatch. if you don't handle it you aren't likely to end up with a tame chicken. If you do you may or may not get a tame chicken.
It really depends on the chickens personality. But yes, if you treat them well, cuddle and play with them, they will be great lap chickens! I have 3 pullets, soon to lay and they love to be cuddled!

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