Picking Up My Chicks Tomorrow - Any Tips?

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7 Years
Oct 2, 2012
We are headed out tomorrow to pick up six chicks, about 5 weeks old.

They will be staying in a brooder in our basement. We made it as per the suggestion of the woman we are buying them from - a big wire dog crate, with pine shavings, a heat lamp and a thermometer. We have their medicated food, waterer, etc.

I'm not quite sure where to put the heat lamp. The woman at Agway recommended clipping it to a chair, but it just keeps slipping. I am guessing that the lamp stays outside of the crate so it can be moved back to turn down the heat gradually, right?

I am SO very new to this! It's late fall in New York, so I want to make sure I do everything right to keep these babies arm until spring!
Good luck with the new chicks but please make your safety a top priority.Secure the heat lamp where there is no way it could slip and start a fire.A basement is too far away.Enjoy your new flock.

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