Pickled egg questions


Feb 10, 2018
western Quebec
I'm overwhelmed with eggs, so I decided to try pickling some. I'm using a recipe from the egg Producers cartel. Don't tell them that I'm not using quota eggs.

I had a few that I split and the yolk popped out and a few that had yolks that were exposed due not being in the centre of the white. I decided to boil more.

Is it true that we should not use egg with exposed yolks in pickled eggs?

Can I put the rejects in a container in the fridge and eat them over a couple of days?

I'm trying to be careful. I had a migraine last week and don't want botulism this week.
Ugh...hate to hear of the migraine! I'm not a fan of pickled eggs, so take this with a grain of salt. My guess would be to go ahead and refrigerate, eat within a week or 2 if in doubt. I agree, botulism is not on my schedule for the week either!!

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