Picky bathers


9 Years
Jan 10, 2011
Durant, Oklahoma
I have two 3 month old Khaki Campbell females. They will only bathe if I go and clean the pool out. I give them separate drinking water (have chickens too) and clean that everyday. But the muck up their pool very quickly with mud in the bottom and feathers floating (molting). But financially I can't clean out their pool everyday, that is a lot of water. So it has become a real battle to keep them out of my son's pool, which I keep a lot cleaner.
Anyone else have picky ducks that will only bathe in clean water?
My ducks will ignore the pool if it hasen't been cleaned in awhile, but I think it's the water temperature and not the dirtiness. If it's been hot for a few days the water will get pretty warm and the ducks don't really like it. Perhaps you could try to refresh it a bit everyday with some cool hose water and see if that helps? Personally I'm going to rearrange things a bit so that their pool is shaded during the hottest part of the day.
That is amazing, mine have to dirty the water before they get into it!
It might just be that they like to see what is lurking at the bottom of the pool and that is why they like the clean water more. You might have to fence off your son's pool and the ducks will go to their own dirty pool and will get used to it being dirty until you can clean it again. It's always fun to watch ducks in newly clean water

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