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Jun 10, 2016
hi every one, I've had my chickens for a couple of months. they are about 11 weeks old and as of the last 3 weeks i have been trying out different things to feed them based on what I'm reading here. i have realized my chickens won't eat fresh green beans, strawberry tops,chopped carrots, whole dried corn, white or red whole wheat, green split peas, hulled barley, black oil sunflower seeds among other things. i scattered the sprouting barley and wheat on the ground and it has sprouted green shoots all around but they act as if it doesn't exist. i have been feeding them organic commercial feed since the beginning but along the way mixed in the grains.i have always feed them green such as broccoli, cabbage and leaves, dill weed, carrot tops, kale ect as i only have dirt in my yard. sorry it's so long, If anyone can help me or give me some suggestions on what to do i would appreciate it !
They should mostly be eating their chick starter, and have goodies on the side. Don't mix in other stuff with their main diet, just offer some on the side, and don't worry if they don't eat much of it. Mary
so it's okay for them not to have any green foodstuff? also i have been thinking of making my own feed. at what age would this be a good idea?
The good chick and all-flock feeds are COMPLETE diets, needing nothing else. That's why adding lots of other stuff isn't recommended. Making complete balanced diets at home is difficult, takes serious research, and will be more expensive than anything you can buy. Mary

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