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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by SJUDD, Nov 10, 2012.

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    Good morning. I woke up this morning to our first frost of the season. I let the ducks out and they were so funny playing in the slippery grass. They usually head straight for my fish pond but today they played in the grass then one of them flew into the dogs water and took a bath. I find it hilarious when they try to get dirt/bugs off the wall... they hop and stretch their necks out to try to reach it. Also, while they were in the yard, I cleaned out their water dish and what did I find lying next to it?? My very first duck egg! I am so excited, I am thinking about shellacking it and keeping it like people do their first dollar when they own a business! LOL
    Well, here are some pics. Have a great day everyone!
    Please excuse the mess in the yard. We got a new dog last week and she likes to dig in the soft dirt by the coop. So I put just a bunch of stuff around the coop to keep her away from it until I get their permanent enclosure done.
    My first egg :)
  2. He heheh that duck is swimming in that tub thing i never new they would do that
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    All I can hear is the Popeye Song when I see her do that. If you ever watched Friends when Joey had the duck you will get that one. [​IMG]
  4. I don't know what this Popeye song but I have watched a couple of videos
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    So many things are happening lately!! It is so exciting at our place. I was originally worried how the neighbors would feel about me having loud ducks in my yard. We are allowed poultry but no roosters so I wasn't sure if the same law would apply to ducks. Over the last week, my son went outback and heard the neighbors 1 year old daughter "quacking" to my ducks. My ducks would "answer" her and she would just laugh and laugh. It was so cute!! Then behind our house is a business and one of their woekers came to my work and was telling me about the lady behind their shop who has ducks and the ducks have become their "buddies" because when they talk to them, the ducks talk back! He about hit the floor when I told him I was the lady with the ducks. :)
    I have had 1 Mallard laying 1 egg a day for 3 weeks now. This morning when I went out there, to my surprise there were 2 eggs!! So someone else is laying now too! I was told the Cayuga laid black eggs so I think it is the other Mallard as it was green. I am so excited!! Then, this weekend when I was cleaning out their pond and putting fresh shavings down, the Cayuga waddled up to me so I reached down and picked her up. She didn't panic at all! She cuddled! I was so excited I thought I would burst!! :)
    It's been a great week!! :)
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    Congrats on the eggs and that is a precious pic. sounds like your ducks are the hit of the neighborhood.

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