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    Mar 25, 2008
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    On June 11th, we processed 12 of 23 Jumbo Cornish X from MMH. They were 9 weeks old at the time and well worth the time and money we put into them. They were huge. We chose to skin them versus plucking, because DH has not built my plucker yet. But he will [​IMG]. The skinning actually went pretty fast. We did the 12 in about 3 hours, which we feel was pretty good for our first time. Below are pics of how they turned out! They tasted pretty good too!


    here is a single breast from one of them;




    There were six of these strips from one breast, but youngest son ate one before I could snap the picture

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    Your birds are beautiful looking [without feathers!]. Wish my hubby was still around to help me. I am sure he is looking down & having a good ol belly laugh at me going from city girl to 'Farm girl'!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    We ended up letting ours grow to about that size, had a hard time getting them in the bags after processing. We plucked most of them, but skinned a few.

    Your cooked chicken strips are making me hungry, could you pass along the coating recipe/tips that make them look so good? It looks like you deep fried them?

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