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here is pics for bob of the babies i hatched from him a few days ago. i had 8 eggs and 6 little frizzled cochins hatched out!! also some updated pics of the 2 boys i got a from him in a trade a few weeks ago. boy have they grown fast!!
love them bob, they r just adorable!!

this is a pic of the first 4 hatched there is 2 more 1 is the yellow w/ blue down and the other is the black and yellow down so there is 2 each of those colors.

tb1-teri and i split an order of eggs from jaynie for sizzle babies and 5 little sizzles hatched out. they were so little and very cute!! they r a little bit older but still smaller than the frizzled cochins and lots of frizzle this time!!! here is a pic of bob's and jaynies little cuties in the brooder together.

thank you both for the beautiful little sweeties we have to spoil now!!


woops forgot the older boys pics for bob,lol. oh here is a pic for jaynie of one of my older splash babies from her also.

this is andy-bob

this is woody-bob

and this is a splash sizzle pullet hatched from jaynie out of my first eggs.
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Great Pics of the little critters! I know they will be well taken care of. Let me know if you want any more eggs. My pour Frizz is molting a little, that and my rooster REALLY seems to like her alot!! I may have to seperate her to give her a break for a while. I have a few of her eggs in the bator too, so maybe I'll get a frizz or two also. I would love to get a hen with the same coloration of Andy.
after looking at andy more grown up i don't think he is splash i think he is a lavander. i'm hopeing the yellow is a white and the 2 bluish yellows are just like andy. if i can hatch thet many from ur eggs u should be able too also. great fertility!! buff orps r due today. we put them in a day late seams to help our hatches better with this new bator. should start hatching tonight for the buffs. will keep ya posted.

all the babies r turning out beautiful!!!

jaynie is that momma in ur avitar?
This makes me so excited. I have some of Bob's cochin eggs in the bator on day 17 and I can't wait. All have chicks in them and are doing great. I will keep you posted. Nice babies Mary.

I think I am more excited about you guys hatching my eggs than I am about my own hatch, although I am anxious to see my swap eggs. My hatch was doomed from the beginning, power outages, late delivery of eggs, eggs delivered to my mailbox on a 30 Degree day 5 days after they were sent out, temp variations, you get the idea. But I have development so I am not giving up yet. Only one of my 8 eggs didn't develop, but 4 of my 8 swap eggs did not develop either. I'm just glad things are going well for you guys.
wait till u see how little those buggers are!! i love the black and yellow babies not sure what color they will be but their faces have markings and they look kool!! when they first started to walk they looked like baby emporer penguins, haha well they still do a little,lol. they have awesome foot feathering too!!

don't give up yet bob. i got julie's eggs in on day 5 and it was supper cold here. i got a brooderful now just hatched today i'm waiting on the mottled orp to finish hatching. i got 6 rir babies that hatched, 3 silkies and after this will have 5 orps. now shipped eggs in the middle of winter that is an awesome hatch rate all fertile in the hatcher on day 18 hatched. it was a 58% hatch rate which to me is outstanfding on shipped!!
I agree that they do look like little emperor penguins with the dark and light markings and that face. To die for. Can't wait to see what colors they turn out to be. How do you know that they are frizzled already? I can't tell yet. Is it because yours are older? Even with jaynies sizzle chicks it takes a little while for me to tell if it is sizzled or not. I am so thrilled with these babies and I can't wait to see how your hatch goes mary and bob.

Good luck to you both.


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